Square Measuring jars – PE – from 150 to 500mL (large opening)

As a result of the constantly increasing development in quality control, sampling during production, bottling of the finished products or samples to be sent in UN authorized packaging, we can offer you a wide range of single-use bottles.

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  Capacity (ml) Height (mm) Section (mm) Opening (mm) Weight (g) Carbon footprint
Gradués 150 95 50×50 37 20 +81.2gCO²
250 109 57×57 37 25 +121.8gCO²
500 122 76×76 58 41 +203.0gCO²


The plus Customisation
  • Suitable for food and pharmaceutical products
  • The jars can be delivered with the lid on (on demand)
  • Sterelized or ionisation possible (on demand)
  • Carbon footprint
  • Colored jars

*on quotation

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