Triggers GOUTTE – PE/Green PE – from 500 to 1000mL

Our range of triggers are designed for the packaging of households products. These bottles will suit with a large number of products. Standard rings of the market :TS1 are compatible with the following systems : trigger, spray, tamper evident, childproof, press-top,…. We can developp your own designs according to your terms and quality requirements.

Switching from 100% oil PE to 100% Green Pe is now available with SO GREEN BY CVP

Ask us the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of your products *

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  Capacity (ml) Height (mm) Dimension (mm)  Weight (g) Neck PE Carbon footprint 100% Green PE Carbon footprint
Goutte 500 225 105×46 35 TS1 +142.1gCO² -11.9gCO²
750 244 114×53 44 TS1 +178.5gCO² -14.9gCO²
1000 266 125×58 53 TS1 +215.2gCO² -18.0gCO²


The plus Customisation
  • SO GREEN by CVP 100% green
  • Different necks and caps available
  • Large decoration area
  • Carbon footprint
  • Colored triggers
  • Serigraphy

*on quotation


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