DALYA oval bottle – PE/Green PE – 150ml

This full range of beauty bottles in polyethylene offer countless accessories. They can be customised through numerous options

Switching from 100% oil PE to 100% Green Pe is now possible with :  So green by CVP 

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  Capacity (ml) Height(mm) Section (Lxl mm) Neck Carbon footprint
Dalya 150 159,3 57,2×37,3 snap on +81.3gCO²


The plus Customisation Accessories
  • So green By CVP PE 100% Green
  • Confidentiality on the development of new mould as realised on site
  • Carbon footprint
  • Colored bottles
  • Serigraphy 1 to 4 colors
  • Caps : screx, flip-top, disc top
  • Pumps sprays/dosing…

*on quotation

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