Our innovations

Your packaging that respects the environment from its conception

Any new packaging project must take into account and define its end-of-life recovery and measure its environmental impact. The first mission of our steering committee will be to offer you all the alternatives consistent with your needs for a better overall performance.
The second will be to advise you on the choice of manufacturing technologies, materials of fossil and/or plant origin and mold design.

Your tailor-made packaging:

Through R&D and collaborative work, the CVP teams develop, design and produce your specific tailor-made packaging, and support you throughout your project. Their multidisciplinary skills are at your disposal to identify your technical and marketing specifications.

Our response to your needs:

We provide the services necessary to personalize your packaging:

o Eco-design
o Carbon footprint
o LCA (Life Cycle Analysis)
o Pharmaceutical and food contact certifications
o ISO 9001, ISO 8317, BRC & HACCP, UN approvals and certifications
o Ionization treatments
o Finishing: IML, sleeving, offset, pad printing, screen printing, lacquering, etc.
o Closure systems: caps, service caps, sprays, triggers, etc.